Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market

Medical Device Development is full of rough waves to overcome for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We talk with medical device experts to help you overcome and master those waves. To give you insight, we talk with those far along in medical device development and those who have just launched their medical product so you can apply what they have personally learned. To keep you inspired, we talk with patients who's lives have been changed or saved by medical devices just like the ones you are working so hard on. Inspired by Imua is offers the best professional development for anyone in the medical product development space.
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Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market


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Jul 26, 2016

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur, author, and business executive known as the '5 Billion Dollar Man'. In this episode I sit down with Kevin to talk about all things 'pitching'. We discuss the number one mistake he sees entrepreneurs make, one of the worst pitches he's ever seen, and how Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money.

  • The number one mistake he sees when someone pitches to him [2:46]
  • Why preparation is the most important part of delivering a good pitch [5:03]
  • His top two questions that people are unprepared for [5:45]
  • The basic questions you need to cover in your executive summary [7:40]
  • The best way to get his attention in an email [9:48]
  • The kind of investments he doesn't like [12:02]
  • How Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money [13:59]
  • Why it's important to know what type of investor you are talking to [15:28]
  • One of the worst pitches he's ever received [16:09]
  • Why he believes in using visuals to sell [18:55]
  • Why you need to 'Put a Shark in Your Tank' [21:06]
Jul 19, 2016

In this episode I sit down with my father, Ed Flynn, to discuss his career in the Navy, his knee surgeries, his knee replacement, and how medical devices have impacted his life.

  • How he injured his knee [2:02]
  • Why he had me sit on his knee [4:59]
  • His role as a pilot in the Navy [5:32]
  • How his brothers came to visit him on his last flight [6:50]
  • Why he decided to have a second knee surgery [10:07]
  • Why he decided to replace the knee entirely [11:30]
  • His experience leading up to the surgery [12:47]
  • Why he chose to have his surgery so quickly [14:49]
  • How this surgery was different from previous surgeries [15:18]
  • His recovery process [16:37]
  • How long it took him for the knee to handle weight [21:02]
  • What he would change about the knee replacement process [22:15]
  • Why he would replace both knees at the same time [23:50]
Jul 12, 2016

Dr. John Alderete is a father, a violinist, a microbiologist, and an entrepreneur. In this episode I sit down with him to discuss his experiences in the diagnostics device industry, what he would do differently today, and why he cares so much about music.

  • His most favorite place to have played music [3:55]
  • His path to starting his first diagnostics company [5:20]
  • What he views as a realistic timeline to developing rapid diagnostic tests [7:33]
  • The difference between Medical Devices and Diagnostics Devices [11:15]
  • What he would do differently today [14:31]
  • His process to product validation [16:49]
  • The first thing you should do to move forward on your product idea [21:00]
  • Why you should address your technology transfer office as soon as possible [21:34]
  • Why he loves what he does and encourages others to be entrepreneurial [25:30]
Jul 5, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Al Alonso to discuss the biggest mistakes he deals with in the industry, what he would say to someone new to the industry, and how to do a gap assessment.

  • His background in the medical device industry
  • The biggest mistakes he sees people making
  • The advice he would give someone just starting out
  • How to think about your design specifications
  • How to do a gap assessment