Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market

Medical Device Development is full of rough waves to overcome for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We talk with medical device experts to help you overcome and master those waves. To give you insight, we talk with those far along in medical device development and those who have just launched their medical product so you can apply what they have personally learned. To keep you inspired, we talk with patients who's lives have been changed or saved by medical devices just like the ones you are working so hard on. Inspired by Imua is offers the best professional development for anyone in the medical product development space.
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Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market


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Sep 19, 2017

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Virpi is passionate about regenerative medicine, especially regeneration of articular cartilage. She holds a PhD in cell biology and has a strong background in orthopedic research. She is the CEO of Askel Healthcare Ltd, a med tech company focusing on cartilage regeneration in companion animals.


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Sep 12, 2017

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Austin Walters is the founder of SpringTide, a firm that helps medical technology companies go to market successfully. Austin led sales for Friendemic, consulted for J&J, Medtronic, and Walgreens at Innosight, served as the Commercial Director for EchoNous, and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

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Sep 6, 2017

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Storyteller and Communications Strategist, Kay Fabella, empowers businesses to connect with their audience and customers by crafting meaningful communication strategies. Kay applies her experience as a world-recognized author, speaker and trainer to help startups to Fortune 500 companies. A Los Angeles native based in Madrid. She's been featured in The Huffington Post and El País.

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Aug 29, 2017

Bill Vick is on a mission to raise money for research and new devices related to IPF. What's IPF you may ask? Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He's the face of the IPF Catalyst Challenge happening RIGHT NOW where 1 million dollars will be given out to support research and new medical technology to help IPF patients. Want in? Listen to his amazing story (he even does pull-ups at the gym with his oxygen tank) and prepare to get motivated!

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Aug 8, 2017

This episode was inspired by a conversation I had recently with someone that I felt sorry for that they had been duped into spending $18,000 right off the bat on a patent for their idea when they weren't really sure they were going to move forward with it. I see this quite often and felt it warranted another podcast episode on it.

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Aug 1, 2017

I've known Lonnie for several years now and I've watched him create iAssay, nurture it, and is now making some major headway with investors. It's exciting to think about the journey he's been on and how he's kept going. Listen up for some great advice on how to incorporate your startup into family life as well as what investors are looking for NOW.

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Jul 27, 2017

In a week and a half on Aug. 7 in Irvine CA marks the 2nd MedTech Monday event focused on what's going on in the industry, has the hottest startups presenting, and great content by those making great things happen. Listen to find out why it's important to always be networking along with Dan's advice for startups today.

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Jul 13, 2017

Diagnostics is a hot industry right now as several new technologies are hitting the market. Find out what's happening for 2017 and beyond as well as how the political climate is shaping innovation. All of this will be discussed in further detail along with other topics at the upcoming Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington D.C. Aug. 15-18

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Jun 28, 2017

Why are medtech events so important? If you're a biotech startup, networking is essential. Why? Because medical innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It doesn't happen when you're working by yourself in your garage, in your classroom, or in your lab. It happens with community. Imua Services is building that community (our O'hana....which means family in Hawaiian) to foster this medical innovation and make it happen. Listen to find out why YOU are needed to grow this and what you can do to be on the ground floor in getting it started.

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Jun 20, 2017

Aaron Jennings has been through quite the journey with his health and after another surgery 3 weeks ago, he remains strong and healthy and is enjoying time as a father and husband. His story is pretty unique as he's been able to use some of the products his company makes in his latest surgery as well as be on the forefront of medical innovation by staying in touch with his industry connections. Listen to his amazing story and get inspired!

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Jun 13, 2017

Drumroll....the winner is.....James Davis! Check out his video here.

We'll keep you posted on his journey through a pitch makeover and you'll be able to see the transformation.

James was one of several entries that made a video and shared his plea for why he should get a pitch makeover. The entry with the most amount of social shares won.

Every month, I do a live Q&A show answering questions that were submitted to me as well as answering questions directly on the live stream and here's what I covered for June so tune in to hear the answers:

1. I got my devices made in China and want to distribute to the US but my Chinese manufacturing company doesn't have a GMP cert. How do I remedy this?

2. Can you explain the difference between IIPP, the boardroom, and the medical device starter kit?

3. How was your birthday?

4. It seems like each pitch competition is different. How do I tailor my pitch for each competition?

5. I've been pitching for a while and just not meeting the right investors. What are some good resources to find the right ones that would be interested in my idea?

Jun 6, 2017

Nick has struggled with asthma and when his school was hosting a hackathon, he thought there's got to be a better solution to managing this huge medical condition than what's already out there.  A few years later and many years wiser, Nick has founded Strados Labs and is moving his medical invention to market.  Learn what he's overcome and advice that's helped him get here.

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May 30, 2017

Entrepreneurship and startups can be a tough environment and take a steely personality for sure.  Combine that with several life transitions all at once and you’ve got a perfect storm of things to deal with.   Most people will give you technical advice but business is more than just that which is why I want to be completely transparent and share my journey… to keep you motivated.  Listen how I’ve managed to overcome some big things in my life the past 100 days (and what I’m facing as I record this intro) and what keeps me going. Check out episode 25 if you like this on personality traits needed for bringing a medical invention to market. 

May 23, 2017

I want to celebrate my birthday by helping others and have a fun contest going on. The winner will receive a pitch makeover or get help putting their pitch together if they don't have one yet. I cover the details in this episode + I give some tips on pitching based on my experience and from working with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington.

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May 16, 2017

It's no surprise startups are in constant fundraising mode for a while and Ezequiel of Apnosystems is no exception however, he shares with us what's beyond the cash prize he's currently chasing and gives us a glimpse into life as an Argentinian startup with some of the team in San Francisco.

May 9, 2017

I’m starting a live Q&A podcast on Facebook live and you can catch it by following Imua Services on Facebook.  the next live Q&A will be on Monday June 12.  This will be a special episode because it’s the day after my birthday and I’m going to run a birthday challenge the week of June 4-11 and I’ll announce the winner LIVE on the podcast on June 12.  Stay tuned for details.  This episode I answer questions that were submitted to me beforehand.  Some have to do specifically with med device product development, there are some personal questions, funny questions, and I give some great direction for those of you in the midst of product development.  What do you think was the most random question asked and…keep an eye out for a cameo appearance if you watch the video version :)

May 5, 2017

Have you wondered what it would be like to have your startup based out a co-working facility? We discuss some of the unexpected benefits along with co-working, a medtech & biotech startup event in the D.C. / Baltimore area, and how to turn your medical idea into a fundable business.

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Apr 25, 2017

When visiting Minneapolis for the Design of Medical Devices conference, I saw how much the innovation cycle is at work in the medical device / medtech industry. I interviewed the lab supervisor from the Medical Devices Center along with several students as part of the student design showcase that took place there. I've got several events coming up soon and for the details, visit our home base here.

Apr 18, 2017

It's been about 3 1/2 years since Aaron started his company, Hardin Scientific and he's now taking orders for pre sales on his lab incubator. Aaron has bootstrapped his way forward while working a full time job along with raising his son Lincoln and keeping his marriage strong. I got to help Aaron along about a year ago when I was building my Invention Idea to Profitable Product program and his feedback helped shape what it is today. Listen to how he's made huge momentum in the past year.

Apr 11, 2017

The theme of the Thrive Conference this past week in Virginia Beach was branding Virginia as the "Bioscience State". There's several initiatives to boost economic development in the state like grants, complimentary working space, and innovation challenges. Is that enough to achieve the goal of becoming the Biosciences State"? Listen to the 360 view of service provider, startup, investor, grant assistance, and economic development to see how Virginia is uniting to achieve this goal together.

Will you be in Minneapolis this week? April 13th I'm hosting a networking event at the Day Block Brewing Co for you to meet other medtech and biotech startups. More info and registration here.

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Apr 4, 2017

When you’re first thinking of something to invent, a big question that comes up is “how do I know if my idea is a good one?“ I know several of you stumbled on a solution to a problem while others desperately needed a solution to a problem so you created one, and there are other scenarios. No matter what lead to your idea, it’s important to know the impact and you can take a fun quiz to find that out here

Mar 29, 2017

For today's episode, I took questions that I frequently get asked about manufacturing and thought that you all might have some of the same questions so am answering them on the podcast. Got questions? I've got answers (or will find you one) so ask at

Mar 21, 2017

Have you ever been working on a new product and want to get a patent but you're overwhelmed by the process? We break down some things that you should do here BEFORE getting a patent that might surprise you. There's also an opportunity for you to take part in a free video training series here

Mar 14, 2017

This past week, Washington was abuzz with what will happen if the ACA is repealed. For medical device manufacturers, the question about the medical device tax repeal is top of mind. This tax, a 2.3% for innovation on new products, was enacted to raise fun

Mar 7, 2017

Celebrate our 50th podcast episode with us by getting a FREE training if you're a startup, entrepreneur or inventor--click here. If you work with startups and provide services to them, we've got something for you too--- email us at I did something special by doing this podcast via live video and plan on doing more of that. To make sure you catch the next one live, follow us on facebook here.

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