Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market

Medical Device Development is full of rough waves to overcome for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We talk with medical device experts to help you overcome and master those waves. To give you insight, we talk with those far along in medical device development and those who have just launched their medical product so you can apply what they have personally learned. To keep you inspired, we talk with patients who's lives have been changed or saved by medical devices just like the ones you are working so hard on. Inspired by Imua is offers the best professional development for anyone in the medical product development space.
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Inspired By Imua | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market


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Jun 7, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Dominick Sirianni and Jan Peuquet to talk about Jan’s recent struggle with Cardiomyopathy and how an LVAD device saved her life.

  • What it was like feeling like she was dying but being told she was fine.
  • How her family convinced the hospital to take a better look at her condition.
  • Why the absence of an available heart was the best thing that happened to her.
  • How an LVAD device saved her life.
  • What it was like getting the call about her replacement heart.
May 31, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Romina Ghassemi to talk about her work in chiropractic, how she invented the BAX-U posture support system, and what you should consider when developing a medical device.

  • How her mother’s migraines inspired her to become a doctor.
  • Why she stopped treating the symptoms and started looking for the underlying cause.
  • How she developed the concept for the BAX-U system.
  • Why you need to focus on creating a product that people actually want to wear.
  • Her biggest struggles in medical device product development
May 24, 2016

In this episode I give you a quick recap of what happened at this year's 10X medical device conference.

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“Medical devices are all about the data.”

May 17, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Aaron Call from MediCoventures to discuss his company, their process to taking a new medical device product out of the ideation stage, and why product market fit is so important.

  • How and why he ended up moving to Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The story behind MediCoventures and how it got started.
  • How MediCoventures approaches validation of new product ideas.
  • Why your idea is only as valuable as the market says it is.

Quote: "We want to help you develop something that is better than your original idea." - Aaron Call

May 10, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Brian Buss from Nevium to talk about intellectual property (IP), how to put together an IP portfolio, and why it’s important to act like a monopoly.

  • Why creating an IP plan is so important and how it can lead to more sales.
  • The four ways that intellectual property can create value.
  • How to leverage your intellectual property to grow your business.
  • Why it’s important to have a clean and robust IP portfolio when being acquired.
  • The top red flags to avoid when putting together your IP plan.


“The majority of the value you are going to create will be your intellectual property. “ - Brian Buss

May 3, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Karen Greene from Life Pack Labs to talk about an often overlooked step in development, medical device packaging.  We talk about steps that can save you time and money to market, and why you should consider your packaging from the very beginning of your project.

  • Why packaging should be considered right at the onset of your product development.
  • Whythe primary packaging is important for sterile medical devices and how this saves time and money if done early
  • The purpose of the secondary packaging for your product.
  • Things to consider when designing the tertiary packaging.
  • How Karen’s team uses temperature chambers to simulate “aging” and test your product.

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“Your packaging is really a part of the product itself.” - Karen Greene

Apr 26, 2016


In this episode I sit down with Brian Johnson from to talk about the creation of his business, how he entered the MedTech industry, and why he feels so passionate about the work that this industry is doing.

  • Why he considers himself a paid observer of the medical device industry rather than a part of it.
  • How he developed the idea for Mass Device.
  • Why he’s made it his mission to cover the MedTech industry.
  • How one woman turned her husband’s untimely death into a new product that could save lives.
  • How he thinks about his experience interviewing successful people.

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“Sooner or later everybody needs a medical device.” - Brian Johnson

Apr 21, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Jon Speer from and we dive deep into some of the big issues plaguing the medical device industry and why his company is essential to getting and staying on the FDA's good side.

  • Jon’s accidental entry into the medical device industry.
  • How Jon developed an interest in systems and process.
  • How helps companies develop and efficient approach to design control.
  • The 2 part approach required for your validation to be valid.
  • Opportunities to learn more about the ever changing regulations.
  • Why’s company culture is so important.


“Good design control is good business sense.” - Jon Speer

Apr 19, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Brandon T. Adams who is the author and founder of Keys to the Crowd. Brandon leaves it all on the table sharing his story from watching his dad sell ice as a child to launching his first successful Kickstarter campaign, then most recently raising a whoppin' $453,000 for a client.

  • Brandon’s first introduction to entrepreneurship.
  • His inspiration to start his first company.
  • How Brandon transitioned from his first product and became a crowdfunding expert.
  • Why he started the Young Entrepreneurs Convention.
  • Raising $453,000 on Kickstarter



"Doing things that scare you is how you get better" - Brandon T. Adams

Apr 10, 2016

Join me as I talk with Tara Anderson.  She works by day as the Director of Product Management at 3D Systems and foster mom for dogs with Peace to Paws by night.  Learn how she ties her 2 passions together by helping change  special needs animal’s lives through 3D printing and biomedical engineering.  Be sure to check out our website here for Derby videos!


  • How Tara entered the 3D printing industry.
  • The process in which Derby was evaluated for prosthetics.
  • The full story of Derby the Dog’s journey.
  • Why 3D printing may not be the best solution for all cases.
  • The future of 3D printing.
Apr 10, 2016

In this episode, Joe Hage shares the most important marketing and communications tips for companies going through medical device development.  He gives the following actionable advice + more:

  • How to connect with influential people and actually get a response.
  • How to use LinkedIn when looking for investors in your product.
  • Why communication is the key to achieving you goal.

Join us at the upcoming 10x Medical Device Conference and use promo code IMUA at checkout for a discount.  Be sure to check out our website for more details on today's episode.


Apr 10, 2016

Welcome to Inspired by Imua where your hostess, Meghan M. Alonso, teaches you how to master the waves of medical device development.

This episode is an introduction to the Inspired by Imua podcast, covers what to expect when listening, and dives deep into what inspires Meghan Alonso to help others through their journey of medical product development.  Be sure to check out our website here for videos of Meghan salsa dancing!

  • What is Inspired by Imua and what does Imua mean?
  • Meghan M. Alonso's personal story and what drives her passion to help medical device companies
  • What you can expect from this podcast.
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