MedTech Inspired | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market

Medical Device Development is full of rough waves to overcome for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. We talk with medical device experts to help you overcome and master those waves. To give you insight, we talk with those far along in medical device development and those who have just launched their medical product so you can apply what they have personally learned. To keep you inspired, we talk with patients who's lives have been changed or saved by medical devices just like the ones you are working so hard on. Inspired by Imua is offers the best professional development for anyone in the medical product development space.
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MedTech Inspired | Medical Device Development Guidance, Insight, and Stories to Help Entrepreneurs and Inventors Move Medical Inventions to Market


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Dec 27, 2016

Did you miss one of the best medical device and medtech conferences of the year? The DeviceTalks West conference took place on December 12 in Irvine and covered a review of 2016, what medtech will look like in 2025, what startups today need to be doing to prepare for tomorrow, some changes in the legal arena, and how to build your company now so you're more legally prepared later on. Listen to catch the details.

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Dec 20, 2016

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Reggie Swift has helped several companies develop their products as an engineer and became inspired to change the world with some of his own ideas.  He's working hard on them when he has the time (in addition to his other job) and is feeling the pains and joys that come with being an entrepreneur.  Listen to some of the things he's overcome and what fires him up every morning to keep working hard and pushing forward with the spirit of Imua!


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  • A brief introduction to today's guest [1:09]
  • Recouping strategy [6:14]
  • Tips to get your idea into fruition [7:50]
  • The most difficult part of Reggie's journey [10:01]
  • Tips you need to know about grants [12:24]
  • Self educating yourself while putting up your company [13:45]
  • Market research surprises [17:02]
  • Final tip from Reggie [19:18]
Dec 13, 2016

For full shownotes click here.

Over appetizers, Dan Golka and I chat about his upcoming conference, MedTech Monday, as well as his website MedTech Directory. The conversation drifts into some marketing strategy in how startups can leverage social media so listen up there.

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  • Let's get to know Dan Golka [3:20]
  • The thing that Dan is most excited about [5:51]
  • If your company has a viable technology, you might just be a good fit to present at Dan's event [7:14]
  • Pay attention to social media [8:58]
  • It's not the followers, it's the engagement [11:47]
  • Dan's business secret - that works [15:39]
  • What to look forward at MedTech Monday [18:00]
  • Registration procedures [20:11]
  • Get your discount code [21:58]
Dec 6, 2016

When seeking startup funding, you need to have a solid business structure, business strategy, and pitch. Today we dive into these details to build on part 1 (in episode 36). If you didn't listen to part 1, you should...and it's the process of what it takes to get your product to market from ideation to launch and covers what needs to be done in marketing to regulatory to engineering to sales.

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Nov 29, 2016

When seeking startup funding, there's more work involved than just asking for money. Investors want to be confident that you can drive your product forward and be successful on the market and that comes with knowing the process of getting there, being prepared, and giving them the info they want to see. This is part 1 of 2 in a series that will give a brief overview of what you need to have a grasp of before going out and trying to get a pitch lined up.

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Nov 22, 2016

Ever wanted to get advice from lots of medical device development experts or find out what mistakes they see over and over again?

Well, I asked, and have it here for you. While at this year's OCTANe Medical Device & Investor Forum in October, I collected audio from a VC investor, mechanical, software, firmware, electronic, and optical engineers along with strategy consultants.

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Nov 15, 2016

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My guest Pat Flynn isn't in the medical device industry, he doesn't have a medical invention, but has extreme expertise at creating new businesses, products, and services around what people want. What did he do to make everything successful? Idea validation. Talking with people about what they want and need. Listen about his ideas that flopped when he didn't do this, and find out about his book that services as an idea validation guide.

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  • Get to know Pat Flynn and his background [3:00]
  • Pat’s failure stories and why it matters a lot [7:49]
  • Pat’s $15,000 lesson and how you can avoid the same costly experience [10:50]
  • Validate your idea. [12:51]
  • Listening and market research takes the guess work out of the way [17:32]
  • Set the right mindset first [19:15]
Nov 8, 2016

Want to hear from real startups about their journey in medical device development?  You got it right here...

When I was at the OCTANe Medical Device Investor Forum recently, I had the chance to interview several startups about their journey, what their technology is, and what advice they would give to someone just starting out. They're battling the rough waves of development but they get right back on their board when they fall off. I hope this inspires you to do the same and IMUA with your idea!

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  • The best part of a startup journey according to Rich Hanson of PhageTech and Byron Shen of Velox Biosystems [5:18]
  • A brief history of Milk Tracker by Avento Technologies [6:52]
  • The hardest part of being a startup according to Mandy Gagedeen of SugarCube [10:22]
  • Why it's important to know how fit and adjust personality and leadership style in startups from Neto Sosa of Velox Biosystems [12:05]
  • Why startup is more than just building a business or being cool [14:41]
Nov 1, 2016

Ever wondered what to do with that great idea for a medical invention? Meghan Alonso walks you through actionable steps and gives options for you to drive your product forward so it reaches the many lives it can impact.

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  • How to be one of the lucky 10 to get free access to our program [1:16]
  • Got an idea for a medical invention, now what? [2:49]
  • How to validate your idea and Identify your target market [5:22]
  • What can you do with your idea to keep things moving forward? [7:43]
  • Connect with people who can get you to your goal [10:58]
  • Find strategic partners [13:16]
  • Check out how we can help you get started [14:19]
Oct 25, 2016

Bill Carpou, president of OCTANe  talks about the upcoming Medical Device Investor Forum, how Launchpad helps companies, and why Southern California is a great place to start a company.  Find out what resources are available to you as an entrepreneur.

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  • The Medical Device Investor Forum [3:20]
  • How Octane is structured [8:20]
  • How Visionary Ventures finds their companies [11:50]
  • How Launchpad helps companies [13:00]
  • Why San Diego is a great place to start a company [21:45]
Oct 18, 2016

John Livesay, referred to as the "Pitch Whisperer", helps startups get the funding they need by helping them refine their pitches.  He explains why the jockey is more important than the horse, as well as the role empathy plays in startups.  Learn how to weave stories in to your pitch and wow investors.  

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  • How John helps improve pitches [2:31]
  • The biggest mistake people make when pitching [3:10]
  • How your pitch should involve throughout the process [12:10]
  • Examples of how John helps Start-Ups [14:15]
  • Key takeaways from John's experience [19:00]
Oct 11, 2016

Andy Cothrel has seen it all in the medical devices industry.  He's worked for big companies like Roche and Abbot and has been on the team of startups and advising others now through his own company, Blue Marble Medical.  Andy and Meghan talk about why no one wants to buy a project anymore, and why you should always have an exit strategy.  Got an idea for a medical device or health/wellness product?  Check out our new program that will be beta launching soon and you might be able to go through it for FREE.

Notable Sections:

  • Andy's background in alternative energy and how he switched into medical devices [2:33]
  • The three ways that Andy gets involved with startups [3:50]
  • Why it's important to begin with the end in mind [6:35]
  • Why "no one wants to buy a project anymore" [10:50]
  • What to do if you haven't already positioned for exit [16:38]
  • The top three things startups should be considering [22:25]
Oct 4, 2016

The Lab on a Chip World Congress was this past week in San Diego.  There is some amazing technology like "body on a chip" that can mimic human metabolism and function so animal testing is minimized as well as more traditional point of care diagnostics that are truly fit the definition of lab on a chip.  Developing a diagnostic or lab on a chip product?  Check out our new program that will be beta launching soon and you might be able to go through it for FREE.

  • Mike Gavin from PortaScience [4:29]
  • Kamlesh Patel from Sandia National Laboratories [5:28]
  • Steve Maylish from Fusion Biotec [9:21]
  • Ned Saleh from Plasmotica [15:15]
Sep 27, 2016

Intellectual property can often be challenging and expensive for startups and inventors.  I share 5 tips that will help shape development and strategy to secure funding and lead to a successful launch.  Got an idea for a medical product?  I've got a program that will be in beta soon and you have the opportunity to BE IN THE PROGRAM FOR FREE as a tester.  You'll learn about the development process, what investors look for, and how to nail your pitch.  To stay updated, visit or text the word "invention" to 44222.

  • Why IP doesn't only mean patents [3:48]
  • Why non-disclosure agreements are important [5:34]
  • Why it's important to have an IP lawyer [7:30]
  • Work on communicating the value of your IP [8:15]
  • What is your IP strategy? [9:30]
Sep 20, 2016

Healthcare is always changing and you absolutely have to keep up if you're in the medical device industry.  Executive Next Practices hosts their annual healthcare summit soon and this is one way to stay connected with leaders from all facets in the industry.  In addition to the event, learn what groups you need to be a part of to get to and stay on top of your game.  Got an idea you want to turn into a product?  I'm launching a beta program just for you.  Stay updated by signing up at or texting the word "invention" to 44222.  

  • Scott’s background and Executive Next Practices’ unique history [2:10]
  • How he has helped shape the strategy of organizations [4:25]   
  • How Scott got into the Healthcare business [8:15]
  • Info about the upcoming Healthcare summit [10:35]
  • Why it’s a good idea to network within your peer industry or function [15:40]
  • How executive presence is acquired [19:40]
Sep 13, 2016

Turning a medical invention into a real product takes some guts, some grit, and a whole lot of determination.  How can you motivate yourself to keep going?  Is this the right choice for you?  How far should you go?  These are common questions and today I dive in on some personality traits needed to withstand all of the rough waves.  Do you have an idea of your own?  I'd love to help you FOR FREE!  Become one of our beta testers in our new "Invention Idea to Profitable Product" program.  Visit or text the word "invention" to 44222 to sign up.

  • Why you need to be committed in order to take your product to market [3:13]
  • Why getting out of the way is sometimes the best decision [3:40]
  • Why learning to love the "no" is important [6:54]
  • Why your outside relationships are important to build [7:50]
  • Why you need to design your lifestyle [9:05]
  • The importance of finding your why [10:20]
  • Figuring out how to fund your product [11:40]
  • Do you have the desire and faith to keep moving forward? [13:40]
Sep 6, 2016

In this episode I sit down with Amanda and Nicholas Bayerle to discuss:

  • The importance of making your health a priority
  • How to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a busy schedule
  • Why having a clear goal is crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle
  • The benefits of drinking water on your productivity
  • How to prioritize what is most important to you
  • Why accountability is key


Aug 30, 2016

In this episode Chris Deardorff and Megan get down to the business of business. They explore the true meaning of marketing, where it can (and isn’t) being implemented by companies, and jump into the “Three Truths about Marketing.”

  • What companies are getting wrong [6:30]
  • Why you need to develop a target audience [11:04]
  • How to develop a buyer persona [15:50]
  • What's changing in the Denver Health-Tech space [19:00]
  • A Steve Jobs Primer for Marketing [26:30]


Aug 23, 2016

In this episode I sit down with a 26 year old bodybuilder who wears an artificial heart while working out.

  • How AJ ended up with an LVAD [2:14]
  • How he ended up with heart failure [6:12]
  • What he is trying to do with Hearts at Large [7:24]
  • How to register as an organ donor [9:08]
  • What he would want to tell the engineers of his medical devices [13:50]
  • His fitness journey and what it's like to workout with an artificial heart [20:59]
  • How Meghan dealt with Hepatitis C treatment [25:15]
Aug 16, 2016

In this episode, we flip the script and I have Laura Petersen interview me to discuss
the top mistakes people make in medical product development and my personal journey in the space.

Notable Sections:

Meghan's personal history with medical devices [2:55]
Why she felt prepared to get her eye removed [8:49]
Why she has a medical device installed in her hip [12:16]
How she performed as a gymnast all through college [21:08]
How she got started with product development [22:35]
What she does at IMUA Services [27:37]
The top 5 mistakes people make in medical device development [30:07]

The Five Most Common Medical Device Development Wipeouts
1. Not conducting market research
2. Taking the wrong regulatory path
3. Infringing on another company's patent
4. Ignoring formative usability studies
5. Setting unrealistic development timelines and cost

Aug 9, 2016

In today's show I sit down with Partha Unnava from Better Walk to talk about:

  • How Partha approached the initial development and design of his Better Walk product [2:02]
  • What his team looked like in the beginning [3:15]
  • Why he moved his company to Memphis for the first few months and then moved back [5:02]
  • Why leaving school was an easy decision for him to make [5:58]
  • How ZeroTo510 helped him get started in business [6:30]
  • What it was like applying to ZeroTo510 [8:30]
  • The fundraising strategy he took at Better Walk [9:39]
  • The biggest challenge he faced in development [10:39]
  • How he developed his relationship with a manufacturer [11:55]
  • The big problems he is trying to solve at Better Walk [12:45]
  • What he and his team have done to test the product [15:45]
  • His biggest piece of advice for moving your product forward [17:05]
  • Better Walk's approach to rolling out of their product [20:18]

Aug 2, 2016

In this episode I sit down with John and Jenn Zeis from Toolbox Medical Innovations to discuss:

  • How Toolbox came to be [3:14]
  • How Toolbox helped one of their clients take their idea to market [5:25]
  • How John and  balance their family and their business [6:39]
  • How Toolbox helps their clinical and regulatory clients [9:43]
  • Why pre-established relationships are important [10:55]
  • The biggest issues Toolbox clients face [12:55]
  • Why usability is important [15:25]
  • The two main reasons to do usability studies [17:08]
  • John and Jenn's key piece of advice for device development [18:53]
Jul 26, 2016

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur, author, and business executive known as the '5 Billion Dollar Man'. In this episode I sit down with Kevin to talk about all things 'pitching'. We discuss the number one mistake he sees entrepreneurs make, one of the worst pitches he's ever seen, and how Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money.

  • The number one mistake he sees when someone pitches to him [2:46]
  • Why preparation is the most important part of delivering a good pitch [5:03]
  • His top two questions that people are unprepared for [5:45]
  • The basic questions you need to cover in your executive summary [7:40]
  • The best way to get his attention in an email [9:48]
  • The kind of investments he doesn't like [12:02]
  • How Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money [13:59]
  • Why it's important to know what type of investor you are talking to [15:28]
  • One of the worst pitches he's ever received [16:09]
  • Why he believes in using visuals to sell [18:55]
  • Why you need to 'Put a Shark in Your Tank' [21:06]
Jul 19, 2016

In this episode I sit down with my father, Ed Flynn, to discuss his career in the Navy, his knee surgeries, his knee replacement, and how medical devices have impacted his life.

  • How he injured his knee [2:02]
  • Why he had me sit on his knee [4:59]
  • His role as a pilot in the Navy [5:32]
  • How his brothers came to visit him on his last flight [6:50]
  • Why he decided to have a second knee surgery [10:07]
  • Why he decided to replace the knee entirely [11:30]
  • His experience leading up to the surgery [12:47]
  • Why he chose to have his surgery so quickly [14:49]
  • How this surgery was different from previous surgeries [15:18]
  • His recovery process [16:37]
  • How long it took him for the knee to handle weight [21:02]
  • What he would change about the knee replacement process [22:15]
  • Why he would replace both knees at the same time [23:50]
Jul 12, 2016

Dr. John Alderete is a father, a violinist, a microbiologist, and an entrepreneur. In this episode I sit down with him to discuss his experiences in the diagnostics device industry, what he would do differently today, and why he cares so much about music.

  • His most favorite place to have played music [3:55]
  • His path to starting his first diagnostics company [5:20]
  • What he views as a realistic timeline to developing rapid diagnostic tests [7:33]
  • The difference between Medical Devices and Diagnostics Devices [11:15]
  • What he would do differently today [14:31]
  • His process to product validation [16:49]
  • The first thing you should do to move forward on your product idea [21:00]
  • Why you should address your technology transfer office as soon as possible [21:34]
  • Why he loves what he does and encourages others to be entrepreneurial [25:30]
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